About Us

At PT Signature we know the country like the palm of our hands. That allows us to select all the details that define an authentic Portuguese experience!

We develop personalised concepts – created and designed according to each client’s unique characteristics – where you will find the perfect combination between your desires and needsand the best Portugal has to offer.

It is this absolute focus on every detail and in tailor made solutionsthat defineour work culture.

Count on us to create remarkable experiences, unique moments and events that will remain in your memories.

The Team
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Dedication: Our customers deserve our absolute commitment and dedication. This is how we can guarantee the quality of our work.

Trust: We value the trust our clients place in us! That is why we believe in an effective, honest and loyal communication, as the path to establish lasting bonds with each client.

Creativity: We work on a daily basis in order to provide a service that is unique. We like to look for new spaces, concepts and experiences, never slowing down the pace of our creative process.

Client Focus : Every day we make our best contribution to reach an ultimate goal: customers realize that we are the ideal partner for them!